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Pregnancy Car Safety Belt Adjuster

Pregnancy Car Safety Belt Adjuster

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INCREASE your safety and comfort during pregnancy with our Pregnancy Car Safety Belt Adjuster, specifically designed for expecting mothers. With its secure and adjustable fit it provides extra support and protection to you and your baby, while also keeping you comfortable.

It provides comfort  Specifically designed for positioning and securing the lap belt beneath the baby bump, it automatically relieves you from the pressure of the lap belt making your car trips safer and more comfortable.

It provides support and safety It does not effect the positioning of the shoulder belt letting it run along the side of the baby bump, over the chest between the breasts and in the middle of the shoulder, securing you on the carseat. The waist belt is placed at the height of the hip bones, meaning that all forces are distributed evenly over the hip bones, while the abdomen, the placenta and the unborn child are protected.

Its really easy to install Firstly pass the adjustment strap through the split in the car seat wrapping it around the bottom half of the seat. Then pass the adjustment strap through the top hole of the adjustment buckle and tightly secure it by passing the remaining adjusting belt strap through the bottom hole of the adjustment buckle.

Designed with durability in mind Our Pregnancy Car Safety Belt Adjuster is manufactured with a high-end and durable polyester material and equipped with a metallic adjusting buckle increasing durability and security during your car trips.

We have crash-tested it Our Pregnancy Car Safety Belt Adjuster is tested according to ECE R16, which guarantees that it does not interfere with the vehicle belt. It has also been crash-tested for your safety. During the crash-test it showed outstanding results, distributing evenly all the forces from the crash over to the hip bones, keeping the belly intact.

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