We created LaPanier because we wanted to create the best pain alleviating equipment in the world. We found a lack of great and quality pain relieving products in the market so we decided to create our own. 

Pain is a physiological and psychological element of human existence, and thus it has been known to humankind since the earliest eras. Given that technology has taken great strides forward most of the jobs nowadays require long lasting periods of time sitting in-front of a computer screen. Thus with the wrong siting posture we are slowly damaging our spinal discs, our Vertebra or even our nerve roots, slowly developing that all hated lower back pain. This is just an example of a kind of pain that we are looking at easing/ alleviating or even preventing it from ever developing.

Who Are We?

We are a group of designers and engineers, cooperating with doctors and physiatrists to design and create the best possible quality product for relieving physical pain. With our experienced manufacturing team and our up to date equipment we are able to design and produce top quality products with a big variety giving you many products to chose from depending on the type of pain you are trying to relieve yourself from.

Why Did We Create LaPenier?

We decided to take part in the Health and Pain Relieving industry as we found a lack of good quality and comfortable products in the market. We and the people around us all suffered from pain and constantly kept us from enjoining our favorite activities and even giving us a hard time at work. So we created LaPenier to give an end to daily persistent pain with cleverly designed, top quality and clinically approved products improving our life and the life of those around us.

What Is Our Goal

Our goal is to locate all of the factors that cause different types of pain, and in cooperation with specialists design and produce the best possible equipment for alleviating each one. Creating a world where pain relief is just a click away is our optimal goal.