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Menstrual Relax

Menstrual Relax

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NO More To Period Pain 

Experience relief during your menstrual cycle with our Menstrual Relax. Our scientifically formulated product is designed to ease cramps and discomfort, via soothing massaging vibrations and heating functions allowing you to relax and go about your day. Feel confident and comfortable during that time of the month with Menstrual Relax.

Its comfortable With a skin friendly plush at the massaging area and a highly elastic band to secure it in place our Menstrual Relax will became your best friend in those days of the month. Providing a big contact area and 6 heating and 6 massaging options with noice cancelation design it gives you the best possible treatment for reliving you of the all-known persistent menstrual pain.

 It is easing the pain The installed PI metal heating film energizes and releases far-infrared waves to the subcutaneous tissue layer, which drives away cold air and effectively educes menstrual pain. In combination with the 6 Gear Vibration Massage options it helps you to completely alleviate even the most persistent of menstrual pain.

 Its adjustable The attached highly elastic adjusting belt and its slick design makes it the perfect fit for anyone.

 Its really durable Manufactured with a high resistance material to sustain constant vibrations light drops and pressure it can be worn without the fear of damaging it.


6 Gear Heating:

1st gear: 40℃ / 104°F
2nd gear: 45℃ / 113°F

3rd gear: 50℃ / 122°F
4th gear: 55℃ / 131°F
5th gear: 60℃ / 140°F
6th gear: 65℃ / 149°F

6-Gear Vibration massage

3 seconds quick heating

Larger area heating, NTC intelligent temperature control

automatic timing 30 minutes

Type C charging cable

3-4 hour battery life


Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.

Switching position, constant temperature 40-65 degrees, freely adjustable.

Rapid heating, Rapid heat generation, no need to wait.

Prohibit the use of crowd:

1. Moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases are forbidden to be used in patients with severe heart disease.
2. Patients with skin sensory impairment or skin abnormality are prohibited from using it.
3. Patients with gout during the onset of the disease or who have not fully recovered from gout are forbidden to use.
4. Patients with cervical tumors are forbidden to use.
5. Prohibition of pregnancy.

1. It is recommended not to use the high-grade temperature for more than 8 minutes
2. The skin sensitive recommendation is to use it through the clothes.

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