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lumbar belt / posture corrector

lumbar belt / posture corrector

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Say NO to lower back pain 

Improve your posture and alleviate back pain with our adjustable lumbar belt. Clinically designed to provide support and improve spinal alignment, making it perfect for those seeking relief from daily discomfort. Reduce strain and increase comfort with our expertly crafted lumbar belt/posture corrector clinically proven to help maintain a healthy back and spine, alleviating pain from your daily life

Its comfortable to wear Designed with comfort in mind our lumbar belt is made with a high end soft, skin friendly and fully self-adjusting velcro material with breathable cotton capabilities so that you wont be sweaty or uncomfortable while wearing it.

It will perfect your posture Our lumbar belt provides support to the shoulders and upper back, helping to pull them into a position that properly aligns with the spine, promoting postural awareness and training your muscles to maintaining a healthy posture.

Will improve your health By preventing wrong positions and movements it is reducing the stain on your upper and lower back muscles ensuring a properly aligned and equally weight distributed spine.

Will boost your overall confidence When you sit better, you think better, you feel better and you do better. So, you can present yourself in a better way with an appropriate posture, thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem throughout your day.

It is easy to use  Its as easy as putting on a backpack. You pass your arms through the two shoulder straps, then, you adjust the two bottom half velcro straps to your waste and finally you pull the two adjustable shoulder straps located behind your back to secure in-front of your waste automatically adjusting your shoulders and spine to the correct upright position.

Its durable and protects your joints Our lumbar belt is manufactured with high endurance washable and breathable cotton material with high end workmanship and skin friendly materials to alleviate bruises, redness and soreness of the contact areas.

Don't let joint pain hold you back - try our lumbar belt / posture corrector today.

Sizes according to waist line 

  S   (Waist): 65-90cm / 25.5’’ - 35.4''

  M  (Waist): 75-95cm / 29.5” - 37.4’’

  L   (Waist): 85-100cm / 33.4’’ - 39.3’’

  XL (Waist): 90-105cm / 35.4’’ - 41.3’'

2XL (Waist): 95-110cm / 37.4” - 43.3”

3XL (Waist): 100-115cm / 33.4” - 45.2”

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